About us

My name is Catarina Börkén Öhman, called Cattis. I am running Silverklippan's Chinchilla.
I live with my husband and five children in central Norrköping .
I have always taken a keen interest in animals ,
been " horse - girl " and competed in showjumping .
Dogs have nearly always been in the family and several gerbils , hamsters , rabbits , stick insects , fish , lizards and snakes .

Then I bought my first pair of chinchillas , and I became obsessed... 🤪

The goal of Silverklippan's chinchilla breeding is to breed nice, cute and healthy animals with good temperament and attractive exterior. Desirable is block-shaped bodies with broad, high necks, round sweet heads.

The offsprings should fit well as a pet, so as to further breeding and exhibition.
The breeding animals are carefully selected to complement each other in all aspects.
I value to breed with pure standard in my mutation breeding.
The breeding focuses primarily in Beige, White, Pink White all in combination with Velvet, and also pure Grey. I also breed the new mutations Goldbar, Black Pearl and Brown Pearl.

Our chinchillas are living in big and bright cages with solid bottom. All cages are decorated with many shelves and a hammock or a hangingtunnel.
They also have a sand bath with them at all time.
They have free access to hay, water, pellets, minerals  and branches to chew on.
The animals live in our apartment  and are accustomed to sound and motion.
I handle all the animals often, kits daily so they are accustomed to human contact and most appreciate the time in my lap and a scratch behind the ear.
I check all animals health and weigh all of them at least once a week.

Are there any questions please contact:


SGrCh SUCh Chinchillaland's Payton